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MAPC 2016 agm and conference

Registration packages for the MAPC AGM and Conference have been emailed to all members and will also be sent in hard copy via Canada Post. Follow the link to see our promotional flyer and agenda. If you haven't received registration information by March 21st, please contact the MAPC office.

Does your Parent Advisory Council have a question for the Minister of Education? One of the items on the conference agenda is the Question and Answer session with the Minister (to be confirmed). Please note that due to the recent election and cabinet reorganization, the Q & A session is tentative. In the event that an announcement is not made about the new Minister of Education prior to May 6th, MAPC will facilitate an alternate activity in place of the Q & A. You may download a Question and Answer form here.

NOTE: the MAPC Annual Book of Reports will be primarily available in electronic format (email) this year and will not be included in paper packages.

Special Thanks

MAPC would like to thank two member schools for partnering with us this year to bring you the annual Chairpersons' Breakfast: École James Nisbet Community School (Seven Oaks School Division) and École Harrison (Brandon School Division). Both parent groups, with the support of their administration, were wonderful hosts and MAPC truly appreciates their efforts in helping to ochestrate succesful events in their respective communities.

Find out what participants had to say about the 2016 Chairpersons' Breakfast here.