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MAPC AGM and Conference IS mAY 1 & 2, 2015!

The AGM and Conference registration package is now available for downloading (with the exception of the MAPC Book of Reports - member PACs will receive this via mail). Click here to visit the registration page.

2015 Conference Keynote Speaker

Mr. Mark Burch Author, Educator and Facilitator - “The Monkey in the Room: How Mindfulness Can Contribute to Personal, Family and Community Well-Being”. 
Families now experience many pressures from many different directions. These stresses can undermine the quality of family life, the experience our children have in school, and the fabric of  community relationships. We are reminded of the colourful Buddhist metaphor of the “monkey mind”—a state of continual distraction, hyperactivity and stress. This presentation will explore the sources of monkey mind in modern life and how we might fashion alternative ways of living that can bring us greater well-being. 

2015 Conference Information Sessions

Cyber Safety and Mental Well Being - Self-Peer Exploitation, or ‘sexting’ is harmful, and its frequency and damaging repercussions are intensifying. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s goal is to reduce child victimization. The presentation will examine issues such as intent, nature of the images, extent of distribution, and resources available for students, families and schools to help contain the spread of these images.

Smudging Protocol This workshop will review the Smudging Protocol and Guidelines that was created to help educators, parents and community better understand this cleansing practice.  The protocol includes the reasons for the practice, Indigenous beliefs about the smudge and how schools should deal with communication to their learning community.

Student Wellness - What is life all about? Can I make a difference? Do I matter? These are all questions that we have asked ourselves repeatedly in our life time but our children are searching and need guidance to find answers to these very questions. Student wellness is not based only on academic achievement but on student validation through active engagement in areas that matter to the students. Be prepared to discuss how a Parent Advisory Council can contribute to the dialogue of making a difference.

Coming Together in Difficult Times Parents - Caregivers have the greatest influence in the life of their child. When youth are experiencing life issues such as relationship conflicts, changes in friendships, or are dealing with other risky behaviours related to mental health and/or bullying, emotions and anxiety are naturally heightened. This session will provide parents of adolescents with some strategies, processes and resources in working with the school to meet social-emotional, mental health and/or safety needs of their child in difficult times.

SPARKing Engagement – This session describes a program to help students use exercise to help self-regulate and therefore become better able to be responsible for their own emotions and actions. Based on Dr. John Ratey’s book entitled ‘SPARK’, the program looks to implement the ground-breaking exploration of the connection between exercise and the brain’s performance that shows how even moderate exercise will supercharge mental circuits to sharpen thinking, enhance memory, beat stress, and much more.”

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Thank you Sargent park school for hosting the 2015 winnipeg Chairperson's Breakfast!

MAPC directors and staff would like to thank Sargent Park School administration, staff, Parent Advisory Council and students for your outstanding efforts in helping to make the 2015 Chairpersons' Breakfast a memorable event! Find out what people had to say about it here.

New! MAPC Presents the Resource Guide for Manitoba Parent Advisory Councils!

MAPC is pleased to announce the much-anticipated, Resource Guide for Manitoba Parent Advisory Councils, is now complete and available to members.
It is our hope that the guide will provide a starting point for partnership development and relationship building within a school system, while supporting the efforts in maximizing the effectiveness of PACs.

An electronic copy of the guide has been emailed to all member Parent Advisory Councils and/or schools. If you have not received it, please email the MAPC office to provide your email information so you can be sure to receive this valuable resource!