MAPC Frequently Asked Questions




What is MAPC?

The Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing the parental voice of Manitoba in all matters pertaining to public education. Comprised of more than 300 member groups throughout Manitoba. These members consist of Advisory Councils for School Leadership (ACSL), Parent Advisory Councils (PAC), Parent Councils, Parent Committees, and Home & School Associations from both individual schools and school divisions in Manitoba.

MAPC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, representing parents and parent groups from throughout the province. MAPC employs a full time Executive Director and a half time Administrative Assistant in Winnipeg.


When was MAPC created?

Founded in 1954 as the Canadian Home and School Federation of Manitoba, members voted to change the name to the Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC) in 1995.


What is the MAPC Advocacy Project?

In 2000, MAPC created the Manitoba Association of Parent Councils Advocacy Project (MAPCAP), to help parents learn to effectively advocate for the educational rights of their children in Manitoba. MAPCAP is coordinated out of Winnipeg, and is operated by volunteer advocates throughout the province. To date, it has helped more than two hundred families in Manitoba.


What is the mission of MAPC?

To support, promote, and enhance meaningful involvement and participation of parents in order to improve the education and well-being of children in Manitoba.


How does MAPC receive its funding?

MAPC is funded in part by a yearly operating grant from the Manitoba government.


For more information, please CONTACT the MAPC office.


Manitoba Association of Parent Councils, Inc. 1005 – 401 York Avenue Winnipeg MB R3C 0P8
p. 204.956.1770 or toll free 1.877.290.4702