MAPC Parent Council Recognition Award

The MAPC Parent Council Recognition Award is awarded annually to a school Parent Council which has demonstrated the understanding and value of active parental involvement in a Manitoba school setting.

Any Manitoba School Trustee, Superintendent, Principal, or Teacher may nominate an active MAPC member group from within their school division. To be nominated, the group must demonstrate exceptional leadership and teamwork skills which contribute towards a positive learning environment.

Parent Council Recognition Award 2017

Congratulations to Border Valley School Parent Advisory Council, Garden Valley School Division, on being selected as the 2017 recipient of the MAPC Parent Council Recognition Award! Learn more about the winning parent group by reading the media release.

2015 Parent Council Recognition Award recipient: Highbury School Parents Association, Louis Riel School Division.

Samuel Burland Parents' Association (Louis Riel School Division) was the 2014 recipient. Learn more by reading the media release.

Sherwood School Parent Advisory Council and F.W. Gilbert School Parent Advisory Council were selected as the co-recipients in 2012. Read more by clicking: media release.

For complete information, please CONTACT the MAPC office.