Parent Council presentations, RESOURCES AND SUPPORT

MAPC can provide support in a number of ways. Below are links to brochures of the three presentations we currently offer to Parent Advisory Councils. Contact the MAPC office if your PAC would like to know more about booking a presentation.


Presentations for Parent Advisory Councils - New 2018!

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MAPC TIP Sheets for Parent Councils




Tip Sheet: Movie Nights in Schools


Helpful information or Links: RESOURCES for Parents

MAPC'S Empowering Parents: A Guide to Addressing Concerns in Manitoba Schools

Promoting Positive Health and Mental Health Through Parent-School Partnerships, as presented by John R. Walker, Ph.D., at the 2017 MAPC Conference.

Building Community: Who is at this table anyway?, as presented by Marilyn Kolody at the 2017 MAPC Conference.

MAPC Mental Health & Your Child Parent Forum was November 19, 2016. Below are the PowerPoint presentations and other resources from the forum.

MAPC Mental Health Resource List

What are schools doing to support the individual needs of students in school communities? - Gail Bryant, River East Transcona School Division

What training is required and what training is optional for Manitoba teachers and school administrators to ensure they are qualified and prepared to identify and work with students and their families living with mental health concerns? - Dr. Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuck, Faculty of Education, University of Winnipeg

WRHA Mental Health Program - Marg Synyshyn, MATC

Supporting resilience: Parenting (and school) strategies to encourage mental wellness - Dr. John Walker, Department of Clinical Health Psychology, University of Manitoba

Coaching for Confidence, a 10-week internet based program and evaluation study to help parents help children that have difficulty with anxiety (excessive fearfulness, worry, or shyness).

Manitoba Adolescent Mental Health, Pathway to Hope postcard

StressHacks: information on mental health, feelings, how to relax, and getting help.

Mental Health Resource Guide for Winnipeg - a publication by the Canadian Mental Health Association MB.


Preparing for an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting -NEW 2017 - Talking to your kids and teens about dying and death

Middle Years Education in Manitoba, Grades 5 to 8: Students at the Centre - NEW 2017

Families and Schools Together (F&ST) Program - A parent involvement program helping children suceed academically and socially.

Acknowledging the Traditional Lands of the Indigenous Peoples of Manitoba - NEW 2017 - A document created for Parent Council groups in Manitoba, to acknowledge the traditional territories of the Indigenous peoples on which their schools now stand.

Talking to Your Kids About Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling: A guide for parents and Caregivers - provided by Addictions Foundation Manitoba

Fundraise Faster & Easier For Your School With Online Raffles

It's a Fact: Better Income Can Lead to Better Health (Get Your Benefits! Booklet)

Planning Inclusive Cultures in Schools - Provided by Anne Kresta, Education Solutions Manitoba

Behavioural Health Foundation - Addictions Programming Services for Male and Female Youth (ages 12-17)

Math Learning at Home - Presentation created by Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, Ph.D., Faculty of Education, University of Winnipeg

Math Resources List 2015

The New Provinical Report Card - Parent Information Brochures

My Learning at Home

Understanding, Preventing and Responding to Bullying, a parent Webinar by Dr. Mary Hall of Safe Schools Manitoba

Focus on the Future: A Parent and Student Guide to Senior Years Graduation Requirements (English Program)

Focus on the Future: A Parent and Student Guide to Senior Years Graduation Requirements (French Immersion)

Healthy Schools - Safety and Injury Prevention - includes unintentional and intentional types of injuries and behaviours

Commit to Kids, Sports Edition for Parents - A guide to protect children in sport organizations

My Child in School - A resource for parents

Understanding and Responding to Bullying - Guidelines for Parents offers online interactive materials, games and activities that parents and kids can access from home to help reinforce personal safety strategies.

Respect in Schools - On-line training program for parents

Safe and Caring Schools - Taking Action Against Bullying

Safe and Caring Schools - Provincial Code of Conduct

Talk With Our Kids About Money

Guide for Reduced-Speed School Zones

Parents for Children's Mental Health Resource Guide - Created by Parents for Parents and graciously shared with MAPC for use by parents in Manitoba. (Please note - this is an Ontario based resource. Visit for more information).

For MAPC members only

The Resource Guide for Manitoba Parent Advisory Councils, is a compreshensive guide available to members. It serves as a starting point for partnership development and relationship building within a school system, while supporting the efforts in maximizing the effectiveness of PACs.

An electronic copy of the guide is emailed to member Parent Advisory Councils and/or schools once registration is complete.

Contact the MAPC office if you are unsure of your membership status.